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Zebra TC52 and TC57 Series - 5 Inch Android 8.1 Rugged Mobile Computer

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  • The TC52(WLAN) and TC57 (WWAN) Touch Computers build on the highly successful TC51/TC56, adding a new platform and new capabilities to deliver the ultimate in enterprise-class touch computing.
  • You get the ultimate user experience — the simplicity of Android with all the business features workers need to maximise productivity and minimise process cycle times.
  • You get the ultimate technology advancements on a cutting edge platform, maximising the benefits of mobility today, with the future proofing you need to serve your business tomorrow.
  • You get the ultimate collection of value-add apps, Mobility DNA, with four new complimentary solutions that deliver unparalleled functionality— including the best possible WiFi performance, centralised control of the device update process, control over access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) and more. And optional Visibility Services offer the ultimate in device management capabilities to maximise device value.


  • While these touch computers look like smartphones, the similarities stop there — they are engineered for the enterprise, inside and out.
  • You can drop it in water or on concrete and use it in dusty areas, out in the rain or snow — and still expect reliable operation.
  • The unibody design provides extra impact protection for the sensitive electronics. And the Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel and imager window bring maximum scratch-resistance and shatter-proofing to two of the most vulnerable device features.
  • The ultra-powerful processor provides superior performance on all voice and data apps. You also get built-in support for the next two versions of Android (P and Q)1 and future apps, such as artificial intelligence.
  • Easily implement locating with support for many technologies, including Visible Light Communication (VLC), Bluetooth 5.0 BLE and WiFi, plus Zebra’s SmartLens and MPact solutions.
  • 2x2 Multiple-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology allows access points to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously via pinpoint beam-forming, boosting WiFi network capacity, speed and range. And processing is shifted from the mobile device to the access point, extending battery cycle time.
  • Three microphones, high-volume speakers and noise-cancellation technology work together to ensure that callers on both ends of every call can hear every word — even in the noisiest areas.
  • With the new front-facing camera, you get built-in support for the latest locating technology, Visible Light Communication (VLC), which allows you to track the location of shoppers and workers using existing LED lighting infrastructure.
  • Video calling improves service and productivity. Customers enjoy a more personal touch — and remote experts can see a repair in process to help onsite technicians resolve issues faster and increase first-time-fix rates.
  • The TC57 provides all workers anywhere in the world with dependable cellular service.
  • Support for carrier aggregation substantially improves application performance by increasing data capacity and speeds. And support for the powerful Public Safety LTE network provides the reliable communications first responders need, eliminating network congestion concerns and providing the interagency operation required for improved situational awareness.
  • The 13 MP color rear camera captures highly detailed photos and videos — ideal for proof-of-condition/delivery/service, onsite technical support and more.
  • A new Bluetooth range of 800 ft./240 m and data speeds up to 2 Mbps increases application flexibility and performance for Bluetooth peripherals, such as printers and headsets, while Bluetooth Low Energy reduces power requirements to extend battery cycle times.

What's in the box

  • Zebra TC52/57 PDA

Tech Specs


6.1 in. L x 2.9 in. W x 0.73 in. H

155 mm L x 75.5 mm W x 18.6 mm H


8.8 oz./249 g with battery

TC57 - Wi-FI, 2D Scanner, NFC, 4GB/32GB, 4150 MAH, Push To Talk, VOIP Ready

TC57 Touch Computer - Prem WWAN, NFC, 5.0" 4GB RAM, 32GB FLASH, 2D SE4710, Front facing camera, Rear Facing Camera, 3.5mm Audio Jack, 4150MAH battery, Android 8 "O", PTT, VOIP Ready, GMS, ROW.

TC52 - Wi-FI, 2D Scanner, NFC, 4GB/32GB, 4150 MAH, Push To Talk, VOIP Ready

TC52 Touch Computer - WLAN, Android 8, NFC, 5.0" 4GB RAM, 32GB FLASH, 2D SE4710 imager, 5MP front facing camera, 13MP rear facing camera, 3.5mm audio jack, 4150 MAH Battery, PTT, VOIP ready, GMS, ROW.

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