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GeoPal is a mobile workforce management application that integrates seamlessly with your existing office systems, such as your ERP, CRM, GIS, BIM or Asset Management system. The GeoPal mobile add-on provides connectivity between your field workers and your back office systems, replacing all your paper forms with GeoPal mobile forms for time sheet capture, job completion reports, incident reports, asset surveys, sub-contractor reports and much more. GeoPal gives you real-time visibility of your field operations through executive dashboards and KPI reports delivering increased operational efficiency and health & safety compliance.


With Poimapper you can replace Excel and Word based forms with an interactive app. The app will guide users through the data collection process resulting in consistent and complete data with minimal effort. You can can share and synchronise your data with the data collected by other team members.  Schedule future collection work. Assign and track tasks based on the findings.  Automate generation of summaries and reports.  Visualise results in charts for new insights.


42Gears Mobility Systems Rugged Device Management - Helping companies in industries such as logistics, shipping, construction and healthcare stay mobile in tough and extreme environments.


Trakm8 is the recognised leader in technology solutions for fleet management, insurance telematics, optimisation and dashboard camera systems. Trakm8’s cutting edge technology offerings are adaptable for fleets of all sizes; providing intelligent, game-changing insights that can improve fleet efficiency and reduce risk across fleet operations.

Inventory Management Apps

RFID Chemical Inventory Tracking

Track your chemicals using RFID technology. Optimised for the Zebra TC20 w/ RFD2000 Sled.

Inventory Issue and Receive

Basic inventory application for tracking incoming and outgoing inventory.

Pick and Pack

A starting point for making fulfilment easier and more efficient.

Inventory Pick and Pack

A simple picking application for android that will increase picking accuracy through the use of item images.

Mobile Inspection Apps

Trailer Safety Inspection

Quickly and easily perform a safety inspection for your trailer.

27 Point Vehicle Inspection

An application for simplifying and recording 27-point vehicle inspections.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Keep track of your fire extinguishers and their monthly inspections easily by using this simple application.

Office Inspector

Inspect the office and assign work orders. Designed for most consumer Android devices.

Retail Apps

Mobile Sales

Desktop project for mobile terminal sales applications.

Item Verification

Item verification application for looking up item image, description, and price.

Rental Tracking

Easy tracking of whereabouts and condition of rental items.

Food & Drink Order

Use your Android tablet to place food and drink orders.

Mobile Sales Order

Email sales orders to clients at the push of a button.

Route Accounting Apps

Internal Package Track

A basic, easily customised application for package tracking.

Delivery Tracking

Keep the records you need for your deliveries, including the delivery recipient, delivery location, delivery date, and package tracking number.

Event Tracking Apps

Event Attendance with Email Reporting

Event attendance tracking and verification with an email report of all attendees.

Tradeshow Attendee Tracking

Track Visitor Information of Tradeshow Attendees.

Corporate Event Tracking

Track attendance for meetings, seminars, and training.

Exit Polling

Exit Polling application

Event Attendance and Ticket Scanning

Ticket scanning, validation, and customer information for tracking event attendance.

NFC Badge Reader

Use NFC to automatically record employee clock-in and clock-out times.

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