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Warehousing & Inventory Solutions

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Made4Net - WarehouseExpertTM

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In today’s dynamic distribution environment, companies that want to succeed, and not merely survive, need to maximise warehouse operation efficiency and minimise warehouse running costs.

Made4net's Warehouse Management System, WarehouseExpert™, was designed to support increasing operational complexity, higher customer service requirements, and the inevitable need to globalise the supply chain.

WarehouseExpert™ combines state-of-the-art technology with decades of expert knowledge in warehouse management, logistics and supply chain processes to deliver the functionality that will impact your bottom line.

In addition to the full complement of basic functionality that includes Receiving, Put-away, Picking, Packing, Loading, Replenishment, Counting and Shipping, WarehouseExpert™ delivers superior features and functionality through industry specific templates.

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Made4Net - DeliveryExpertTM

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To ensure high levels of customer service, the entire supply chain must be tracked and managed. You can no longer end the process once the goods have left the warehouse.

Made4net's pickup and delivery system, DeliveryExpert™, was designed to automate and manage the driver's work and provide real time visibility to the dispatchers and customer service representatives in the back office.

DeliveryExpert™ uses handheld mobile devices to capture data from the field and collect customer proof of delivery signatures. Delivery information can instantly be viewed and routes progress status can be tracked in real-time.

Whether you need to handle a customer claim that a delivery was not made, check the progress on a delivery route or know the status of a specific order being delivered, the DeliveryExpert™ will close the information gap.

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Made4Net - RoutingExpertTM

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Optimising delivery costs is one of the key measures of the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain operation. The critical balance needed to implement a successful strategy lies in your ability to determine how to efficiently deliver orders while maximising customer service.

Made4net's route planning system, RoutingExpert™, is an essential tactical decision making tool that will automatically create optimised route plans, balance your transportation workload and improve customer service using advanced algorithms and rules based engines.

RoutingExpert™ supports ongoing routing and multiple cutoff times per batch of orders to support Just-In-Time ordering and the increasing demand to shorten the time from order to delivery.

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Brother - Packing Bench Solution

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Brothers wide selection of printers ensure you’ll always have access to the best printer designed to meet your specific requirements. Whatever device you are using, and whatever the environment, Brother has a thermal print solution to enable on-the-spot printing of self-adhesive labels, tags, wristbands and receipts in sizes as small as 2” right up to A4.  

Plus they offer a 3 year warranty as standard, an expert UK support team and the ability to combine premium-quality thermal printers, third party hardware and additional services on a monthly subscription plan too with their opex payment platform.



Packing Bench Solution
– 1 x Brother TJ4020TN Thermal Transfer Industrial Label Printer with standard 3 yr warranty, 1 X Brother HL-5200DW A4 Laser Printer, 1 HL-5200 Toner, 1 box of 4” x 6” shipping labels (5664 Labels)
£32 per month over 36 month

10 Desktop Printers
– 10 x Brother TD4410D USB Direct Thermal Desktop Label Printer with standard 3 yr warranty
£71.91 per month over 36 months

Desktop Printers and Labels
– 2 x Brother TD4550DNWB USB/Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Cutter Direct Thermal Desktop Label Printer with standard 3 year warranty, 10 boxes of 4" x 6" shipping labels (56,640 labels)
£36.75 per month over 36 months

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Brother Managed Label Services

Recent years have seen a shift from paying for IT infrastructure outright to moving towards a subscription model – especially for larger purchases.

Now, with managed label services, you can get premium-quality thermal printers, third party hardware and all additional services on a monthly subscription plan too.

It’s a great way to complete your important labelling and other specialist printing tasks without making a big investment upfront.

It delivers exceptional affordability and flexibility, with the added peace of mind with Brother’s best in class, 3 year warranty and maintenance printer support from one of the most trusted suppliers in the market.

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Smart Freight

SmartFreight (now part of Wisetech Global Group) brighter shipping software, the easier way to manage your shipping needs. Our suite of solutions puts hundreds of transport providers and routes at your fingertips, offering total flexibility, and access to the information you need, giving you complete control every step of the way.


IntelliTrack® is the simplest way to manage your inventory. For more than 25 years, IntelliTrack has created and implemented innovative, effective inventory solutions for thousands of customers. Dedicated to efficiency and flexibility, IntelliTrack helps companies of all sizes and in every industry control their inventory and gain meaningful insights. Customers rely on IntelliTrack for accurate, up-to-date inventory information that is accessible anytime, anywhere.


42Gears Mobility Systems Rugged Device Management - Helping companies in industries such as logistics, shipping, construction and healthcare stay mobile in tough and extreme environments.

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