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G Rigging & Lighting Ltd is a UK independent event specialist who offers tailored rigging and lighting services.

Providing a full range of event equipment, from cable/chain hoists, plant hire and logistics to skilled site crews and structural engineering services.

Their expertise extends across the entertainment landscape, serving concerts, live broadcasts, festivals, film & television productions, exhibitions, and unique installations.


G Rigging & Lighting Ltd required a new stock identification and tracking system which would replace their out-of-date manual entry system to efficiently manage equipment bookings and schedules to ensure timely availability of their equipment to customers.

They planned to effectively deploy a barcode identification system by labelling all assets with unique barcodes using a label printer and scanner. Once all assets are barcoded and scanned onto the system, this would give the company real-time insights into stock levels, enabling better decision-making regarding quoting, booking and provision.

Additionally, it would aid in streamlining operations, improving hire fulfilment rates and enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring the exact equipment is available when needed.


G Rigging & Lighting Ltd worked closely with IT solution provider Global Auto ID Ltd from proposal to integration.

Recommending the BIXOLON XD5-40t desktop label printer with 300dpi print resolution, to print on 51mm x 25mm Polyester Labels using a 64mm x 74mm Resin Ribbon, to produce high quality, durable barcode and text printed labels.

Working in conjunction with a wireless 2D rugged scanner to log items onto a database, all technology is supplemented with a 3-year return to base warranty.


By automating manual tasks and streamlining processes, the new label and scanning stock system has significantly reduced G Rigging & Lighting Ltd’s staff labour costs while enabling their team to work more efficiently and productively.

Using a polyester label with a resin ribbon creates a durable long lasting label that ensures both the barcode and text remain undamaged with a resistance to tearing, fading and wear. This ensures quick, accurate and reliable scanning, contributing to the longevity of the solution over times.

The barcode system minimises errors and discrepancies in stock records, reducing costs associated with stock-outs, overstocking and order fulfilment errors.

They can now offer precise and timely updates on stock availability and delivery schedules to their customers, elevating service quality and boosting their satisfaction and loyalty.

When necessary, the new system also provides to ability to generate comprehensive audit trails and reports of stock transactions and movements. Plus fostering accountability and ensuring compliance with regulations such as certificates on period expiration and PAT testing schedules.

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