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Iceni Event Solutions Ltd is a UK based technology company that delivers tailored registration solutions to the global events industry worldwide.

Working on a range of events from high-profile exhibitions, corporate training and conferences, Iceni provides an end-to-end service for any type of event that collects data and issues a ticket. In a world where everything needs to be measurable and accountable, Iceni provides innovation, reliability, flexibility, and creativity to bring event data to life in a format that allows its clients to manage the whole of their event attendee’s journey.


Working on a fully customisable registration system which has multiple ways of dealing with data and producing badges, such as full onsite printing or print at home, using badge printing technologies such as stock printing laser printing and peel off stock. Iceni needed a smart looking, efficient printer which could be used for front of house at the event and manage high volume printing at peak times.

Upgrading from old bulky printers, they required a highly reliable, compact solution which could easily be integrated into their current software to produce high quality, durable printed tickets which could easily be scanned numerous times throughout an event.


After looking at a range of label printers, Iceni decided upon the BIXOLON XD5-43tEK 4-inch Thermal Transfer Desktop Label Printer due to its compact sizing and ability to print fanfold media.

Paired with a large capacity thermal transfer ribbon to product 300dpi printouts which are scuff resistant and durable.

Delivered and supported through IT solutions provider Global Auto ID Ltd, the printer works seamlessly with Iceni’s own in house ticketing software. Attendees can scan their unique QR code from mobile phones via a 2D barcode scanner or input their unique ID onto a touchscreen which is checked by the software’s database before issuing an XPL.file ticket design file which it sends to the XD5-40tEK to print a pre-designed ticket via a LAN connectivity.


Using these printers for all size events, Iceni can easily scale the amount of technology required depending on the event criteria. The BIXOLON printing solution has a smaller footprint, faster throughput and is easy to load with ribbons and ticket stock than the previous solution. The sleeker, modern technology is perfectly suited to front of house applications and is proving most convenient to transport between events and setup. It also allows for more flexibility of registration setups with the option to place under desks or be built into furniture due to its compact size.

Pairing these printers to Iceni’s software enables barcode scan to print in less than three seconds, achieving fast footfall of processed attendees. For example, an estimated 17 printers connected to touchscreens and barcode scanners are able to scan and print 5700 visitor tickets an hour at peak times.

This printing solution also supports a ribbon length of 300 m versus a 75 m length from other competitive desktop printers, meaning it requires less downtime at critical times and provides about 1500 tickets between ribbon changes. Plus, fanfold ticket printing allowing for larger volumes of ticket printing in between media changes.

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