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Productivity takes a leap with the Nautiz X2 and long-range scanner pistol grip and cellular data connectivity

SSO Logistics is a company on the move—literally. Their business is to warehouse, distribute and forward palletized freight, from power tools and construction materials, to finished food goods. Keeping track of all those pallets requires reliable scanners, and lots and lots of labels.

Peter Draper, Director of SSO Logistics, explains they had been using another brand’s short-range scanner, but found it just wasn’t up to the job. In addition to a lack of reliability—the devices too often required more than one attempt at a reading—the workers had to step down from their forklifts for every scan, to get close enough to the labels, then climb back up again.

A better choice: long-range scanning

SSO Logistics heard about a better option from Global Auto ID Ltd, experts in barcode and radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions. RFID allows digital data encoded in tags or labels to be captured by a scanner via radio waves. They suggested SSO Logistics replace its scanners with Handheld’s Nautiz X2 Android handheld and a pistol grip with long-range scanner. Peter Draper says, “This was a great switch for us, and the solution to our problem. Not only does the long-range scanner read from a distance up to 15 meters, we can also count on the Nautiz X2 to be accurate.”

Productivity takes a leap while workers keep their seats

The Nautiz X2’s pistol grip is designed to be comfortable, and the built-in battery gives the handle a perfect balance. The powerful and rechargeable battery also offers a longer runtime for long shifts. The docking station is included in the package.

And SSO Logistics can count on the Nautiz X2’s built-in 4G, WiFi and BT connectivity options to give it versatility and power under pressure.

Long-range scanner for tough environments

Indoor warehouses kick up dust on the concrete floors, but the Nautiz X2 is built rugged to survive harsh environments, outdoors and indoors, including wide temperature swings. Additionally, it’s made tough to endure the repeated accidental drops to hard surfaces that occur over a scanner’s working life. The Nautiz X2 and long-range scanner have up to 15m of range and 4G connectivity so that scanned data can be communicated weather there is WiFi connection or not.

Easy to scan, easy to use

“We opted for the pistol grip, screen protectors and three-year MaxCare all-inclusive warranty,” says Peter Draper. “The Handheld Nautiz X2 long-range scanner scans quickly and accurately. Since we have small labels, that’s especially important for us—it works great. And it lasts a whole shift—700 to 1000 scans—on one charge, which is crucial. And just as important to us, is the ease of use for our workers, who can now stay seated to complete their work more efficiently.”

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