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Printronix Auto ID, a global leader in enterprise grade industrial printing solutions unveiled the new T6000e thermal barcode printer, an enhanced version of its popular T6000 printer series with new features and advanced RFID capabilities. The T6000e sets a new standard for productivity and versatility in fast-paced environments where speed, exceptional print quality and advanced features such as RFID are needed.

“The T6000e is the fourth product Printronix Auto ID has launched in the last 12 months and reflects our continued commitment to the AIDC printer market,” said Andy Edwards, Director of Product Management. “The upgrades to our midrange platform not only include 600 DPI printing but also RFID on both the 4” and 6” models allowing us to offer a solution for emerging wide-web printing and encoding applications. In addition, not only does the T6000e support standard and on-metal RFID labels and tags, but we’ve also significantly optimized the encoding and printing process making it ideal for high volume RFID applications.”

The dual flexibility of being able to encode and print on-metal and standard RFID labels and tags makes it the ideal solution for RFID asset tagging of tools and equipment used in manufacturing, supply chain, IT, healthcare, and service yard industries. On-metal tags typically include a foam insulator and a metal foil backing that makes them incompatible with most standard RFID printer/encoders, but the T6000e was engineered to handle these media with ease. And, because accuracy is critical in every application, the T6000e will back-up and completely overstrike RFID labels that fail to encode properly. The T6000e is also backwards compatible with existing T6000 applications.

Created for the enterprise market, the T6000e is engineered for industrial applications such as manufacturing, automotive, transportation, retail, and logistics. For optimal productivity, the printer offers 14 inches per second print speed, high-quality 600 dpi printing, advanced RFID features, and a complete suite of connectivity options.

Like all Printronix Industrial printers, the T6000e was built on the Printronix System Architecture (PSA) platform that combines exclusive features with a common set of building blocks to simplify printer replacement/installation and improve productivity. The printer comes with nine printer emulations for easy drop-in installation and has a large LCD colour screen for easy operation. The T6000e is also available with PrintNet Enterprise, a remote printer management tool.

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