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VMWorld - Fira de Barcelona Nov 2018


More than two thousand riggers, accredited staff and contractors require access control in to and out of the venue and also need to have authorisation for lunch and dinner for the ten days of the build, management and breakdown of the event.


The Access Control / Catering Mangement System operates by assigning an RFID Wristband or Card to each of the staff and contractors who require allocation. At the entrance, Management Staff scan each wristband to ascertain whether or not they are authorised. The scanning device queries the central database over a local wireless network (supplied as part of the system) which returns the relevant permissions. This takes less than a second.

The process of assigning meals to each individual was simple and quick. The member of staff would proceed to the registration desk and identify themselves. Management would perform a search and bring up the individual records. An RFID Wristband is selected from stock and passed over a scanning sled.

The sled reads the unique number of the RFID tag and writes it to the individual's records. The RFID Wristband is then handed to the staff member. The Catering Management System is live so that any changes to permissions or meal allocations are updated the next time the RFID Wristband is scanned.

The Catering Management System database was populated from the client’s Project Management System prior to the event. This enables the catering system to be entirely standalone and transportable in a single pelican box the size of a medium sized suitcase. Once the system was demonstrated at the client’s office some final changes were made to the database and were then ready to be shipped.


As part of the service a member of the support team from Global Barcode travelled to Barcelona to assist with the setup and initial management of the Catering Management System.

Each of the event staff who had been allocated catering were issued a personalised RFID Wristband. When a wristband was scanned at the catering hall the permissions were wirelessly checked on the central database and the results displayed on the scanner. The process was quick and enabled management staff to process individuals much more quickly.

On occasions, outside local contractors would send different staff on different days but the Catering Management System could be used to enter the new staff members and assign them a wristband quickly and simply:- company name and new staff name keyed in, RFID Wristband passed over the scanning sled and the wristband handed over.

Staff that needed to stay on site longer or staff leaving early had their records on the database amended so that an accurate record was maintained for post-event analysis and debriefs. This also enabled accounting to be audited when contractors submitted invoices to the client for payment.

Overall the Catering Management System made savings on the time and resources required to manage the catering requirements for 2,000 plus staff. In addition, the data accumulated provided valuable information for planning subsequent events, not only for catering management but the same system can be used for cashless, registration, table and bar-waiting services.

Comments from David Steele, Director "Everything worked just perfectly and I have no hesitation in introducing it to as many clients as possible, Everyone who saw the system in action was blown away"

The solution saved time and resources, introduced efficiencies and substantially improved security as each individual was accounted for and monitored whilst on site.