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Swedish Ambulances use Handheld Algiz 10X

Handheld Algiz 10X in Swedish Ambulance

Imagine a hospital emergency room that has access to real-time data - from the location of an accident to patient status and any treatments administered by ambulance workers - before patients even arrive on site.

In Sweden, this is becoming a reality thanks to the Paratus Mobile System modular healthcare system running on the Handheld Algiz 10X rugged tablet.

Handheld Algiz 10X units running the Paratus software have been installed in Swedish ambulances. They can be operated while vehicles are in transit or undocked for handheld use directly at a treatment site or outside the vehicle.

The software communicates directly with the desktop module on hospital computers. When an ambulance enters service, a despatcher sends new assignments over TETRA (European public safety groups communications infrastructure). When ambulance staff receive an assignment, they acknowledge it and the Algiz 10X automatically displays navigation information using its built-in GPS receiver. Emergency medical despatchers are able to monitor the location of the ambulance as it moves towards the accident site.

Handheld Algiz 10X tablet

In addition to progress and location-based status updates, the software can collect status reports. These can include arrival on site, successful retrieval of a patient, hospital destination and details of transfer to another care unit. These reports and a secure, confidental log for doctors can be transferred to relevant emergency departments by simply touching a button on the Algiz 10X. Once the patient has been treated and/or transferred to a hospital, the vehicle status shows as ready for a new assignment.

An emergency response system's value lies in its trustworthiness. It should just hum along quietly and reliably in the background letting the spotlight shine on the high-quality care provided. The success of the system depends on the technology running the system. Real-time data can't wait for slow, clunky or fragile computers or shaky wireless connectivity. Without fast processing, reliability in harsh environments and robust connectivity, even a leading-edge system such as Paratus may be no more helpful than less advanced solutions.

The Handheld Algiz 10X provides this fast, reliable technology. The rugged tablet features a quad-core processor with generous expandable storage space and memory. The screen backlighting automatically adjusts to easily view maps and data-entry screens in almost any lighting conditions. Its resistive touch screen can be operated easily - even with wet hands or while wearing gloves. The IP65 rating and adherence to stringent MIL-STD810G standards allow unhindered performance when the unit is exposed to water, dust, drops, strong vibrations and extreme temperatures - allowing emergency responders to focus on their patients, not their technology.

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