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Made4net is a leading provider of supply chain solutions with a proven track record working with a variety of international customers. Their SCExpert™ platform includes a suite of integrated products that can be individually deployed, modified or combined, based on your business requirements. You only pay for the modules that you need. SCExpert™ is available as a cloud based (SaaS) solution or full-ownership locally installed software.

Unlike other supply chain solutions that are integrated on a project basis, SCExpert™ offers one user interface with one data module for all of its products providing a consistent supply chain execution solution.

The suite consists of the following products.

  • WarehouseExpert™ Real-time warehouse management system
  • TransportExpert™ Optimise transport resources
  • RoutingExpert™ Route planning and optimisation
  • DeliveryExpert™ Real-time Proof of Delivery
  • YardExpert™ Dock management and scheduling
  • LoadingExpert™ Load planning by routes, orders etc.
  • BillingExpert™ Advanced configurable 3PL contract and billing management
  • ContainerExpert™ Port/freight station container inventory


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WarehouseExpert™ is the flagship product in the SCExpert™ Suite combining state of the art technology with decades of knowledge in warehouse management, logistics and supply chain processes. WarehouseExpert™ manages the flow of products and information, tightly coupling the physical and information systems environments. It bridges the gap between your business systems (ERP, MRP etc) and the warehouse or manufacturing floor. It can take advantage of data capture systems including barcoding and RFID and can also direct automated material handling systems and share information with third party logistics systems to create a totally integrated system.

WarehouseExpert™ can provide many benefits. It can improve efficiency, operational accuracy, order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Stock levels can be reduced while still being able to meet demand, space utilisation maximised and decision-making times lowered. WarehouseExpert™ can be implemented quickly, providing an immediate return on investment.

Download the WarehouseExpert brochure


TransportExpert™ is a transportation resource scheduling tool. It can calculate the optimal assignment of tractor, trailer and driver schedules for a given scenario.

It can also evaluate alternative shippers to find the most efficient shipping method in terms of both operational efficiency and cost effectiveness. Shipping documentation can be created and transmitted electronically to carriers. Real-time, exception-based visibility of shipment status can be viewed and freight bills can be audited.


RoutingExpert™ creates route plans that will optimise your transportation resources, maximising return on investment and balancing both delivery profitability and customer service. It does this using industry standard algorithms and target functions such as minimum cost, maximum service level and available resources (trucks/trailers) in an easy-to-use interface. It can also integrate with mapping tools and real-time location systems.

Efficient routing reduces excessive mileage and driving hours, allowing more pickups and deliveries per day with the same transportation resources. Actual costs vs. planned costs can be calculated and savings of 10-30% can be achieved.

Download the RoutingExpert brochure


DeliveryExpert™ is designed to be used on a handheld PC to verify tracking numbers and collect signatures. Delivery status is transmitted back to a central server in real-time. Since DeliveryExpert™ is integrated into SCExpert™ suite, this information can easily be seen by the rest of the supply chain.

DeliveryExpert™ captures information about what was delivered, exactly where is was delivered to and who signed for it. This can be used to improve customer service and to handle claims from customers that deliveries were never made.

Download the DeliveryExpert brochure


Made 4 Net YardExpert

YardExpert™ extends the management of your distribution facility beyond the four walls of your warehouse by providing yard and dock door management. YardExpert™ tracks information regarding trailers and containers including who owns it, who delivered it, where it is, when are where it is supposed to be and what is on it. Instructions can be sent to yard truck drivers via RF to tell them which trailers need to be moved, where they are and where they need to be. It also gives carriers the ability to self-schedule their deliveries using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or the Web.

Download the YardExpert brochure


LoadingExpert™ analyses and optimises loads allocating them to a bay (for loading later) or to a vehicle. Being part of the SCExpert™ suite, it will ensure efficient and appropriate picking in the WMS to meet the loading/unloading criteria. The loading algorithms allow for proper mixing and stacking to reduce breakages caused by poorly loaded goods.


Made 4 Net ContainerExpert

ContainerExpert™ is Made4net's answer to the challenge of container freight management as part of the supply chain, to provide visibility of inventory from the port to the distribution centre. The container management solution allows importers, and/or 3PL companies to manage their own and/or their client's inventory with far greater efficiency. ContainerExpert™ integrates seamlessly into the SCExpert™ suite allowing complete end-to-end visibility of inventory at any level, anytime.

Download the ContainerExpert brochure


BillingExpert™ helps to reduce your operational costs and improve the profitability of your logistics service. It allows logistics service providers, to manage and track all inventory handling, storage and transportation by business unit or client. Charges can be assigned for any logistic/operational event based on user defined rules.

BillingExpert™ is based on real-time data extracted from warehouse management and transportation systems. This helps to increase levels of service and billing accuracy. Discounts on a client-by-client basis can be applied and adjustments made if required prior to final invoicing.

SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics

Versions of Made4net for SAP Business One (SCExpert One) and Microsoft Dynamics (Made4net SCE for Microsoft Dynamics) are available. These integrate with the ERP software to add powerful warehouse management features.

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