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Simple Inventory Count

This Simple Inventory counting application is used to scan a part number and incrementing the quantity of that part with each scan. This method is used for immediate accounting for inventory sales in the inventory account.

  • Stores balances of inventory that are recorded after every transaction
  • Eliminates the need for stock taking
  • Every inventory item is kept on a separate ledger and contains information on costs, how many sold etc
  • Provides the business owner with a record of how much of an item is in stock.
  • Allows businesses to have more than one location with one centralised inventory management system.

RFID provides the technology to identify uniquely each item being manufactured, shipped and sold, thus increased visibility throughout the supply chain. Our software features on-screen running totals, browsing and correcting of previous scans, cross-counting for accuracy, optional quantity prompts, SKU verification, and many other options to fit your business requirements.

Inventory count screen shot

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