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Software as a service

Software as a Service for mobile computing has a number of advantages over traditional methods of writing and deploying software including

  • Software and updates can be automatically deployed to devices freeing up your IT staff for other tasks.
  • It is paid for on monthly subscription eliminating a large upfront cost. This allows it to be paid for using your OPEX budget rather than a justifying a CAPEX expenditure.
  • The same application can be deployed on Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded Handheld or Android allowing a mixed estate of devices to be used in your organisation if required.
  • Individual users or groups of users can easily be managed, adding or removing access to applications as required
  • Remote device management allows devices to be locked, wiped and reinstalled. It also allows statistics to be viewed.

App building

SaaS devices

We can create custom cloud-based applications for you or we can provide the tools to enable you to create your own. The same application can be deployed on Windows or Android mobile devices simply by selecting the target platform.

Applications can be created to either connect directly to your back-end systems or to save data to the cloud. The software can work in off-line (batch) mode or on-line (real-time) mode. Apps can also transparently flip between on-line and off-line mode depending on signal strength - users won’t even realise that they have lost connection. For additional security, all communications between the device and the cloud can be encrypted and compressed.

App deployment and use

SaaS functions

The completed applications are saved in your Enterprise Application Store. You can specify which users require access to each application. The applications are then deployed automatically to their devices. Scheduled software updates can also be deployed in the same way.

The application will run on a range of compatible Windows (Mobile, CE and Embedded Handheld) or Android devices. It can take advantage of many of the hardware features of the device including barcode reader, camera, RFID and GPS. Mobile devices have many different screen sizes and resolutions. The applications feature adaptive screen technology to automatically resize the app to the best possible screen resolution.

An AppLauncher is installed on each device. This requires a login to access it and features a desktop screen displaying icons for each of the apps that are available to the current user. It blocks access to the standard OS environment preventing users from running unauthorised applications or changing the settings on the device.

Device management

SaaS management

Our software as a service applications also include advanced device management tools. Mobile operator users and groups can be configured and applications can be deployed for individual users or to an entire group. For organisations with multi-lingual staff, apps can be configured to work in different languages. A default language can be allocated to each user so that the app will always appear in the correct language.

The device management tools allow a device or group of devices to be remotely locked, wiped or reinstalled. You can also click on locate to find out where a device is. A range of reports such as devices in use, operating systems in use and battery health can also be viewed and exported to Excel if required.