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Poimapper enables mobile/field workers to collect and share geographically tagged data in real time. Try it today and see how you can simplify the process of inspection and reporting.


There are two key modules within Poimapper:

Mobile application. Available for Android, iOS and feature phones, the mobile application allows field workers to collect data and either share it in real time or store it on the device if a network connection is not available.

Data Management Portal. An interface for office based staff consisting of five components: Form builder (a web based tool allowing complex forms to be created easily), Web service interface (to communicate with existing systems), User administration (determines which forms are available to each user), Quality assurance (after reviewing data, incomplete/incorrect data can be returned to the field worker to correct) and Data Viewer (for viewing, filtering, reporting and exporting the collected data).

How Poimapper works

How Poimapper works
  • Collect & Update: Collect new and update existing data with a mobile device. Download selectively existing background data to the device for instance from previous visits or from corporate databases.
  • Store & Share: Store securely in the cloud or on premise in a private database. Share between field and office workers. Synchronize and keep the history of all updates.
  • Analyze & Decide: Visualize and analyze collected data. Make informed plans and decisions.
  • Give Feedback: Updated tasks and forms to field workers and data update requests.
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Free trial

With your free trial you can start using Poimapper's tools right now to:

  • Save time by collecting paperless field data.
  • Serve your customers better by creating customized field reports.
  • Work more effectively with real-time visibility to field projects.
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Poimapper is already providing proven benefits and efficiency gains to existing customers in numerous sectors around the world including:

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