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  • Saveo Pocket Scan Special Pricing!

    With special pricing on limited stock take a look at the Saveo Pocket Scan for £199 + VAT! view more»

  • Opticon H-22 Special Pricing!

    Special pricing for the Opticon H-22 with a price of £675 +VAT! view more»

  • Take a look at the Opticon M10!

    The M-10 is an omni-directional 2D CMOS imager which provides an aggressive reading performance to scan all common linear (1D) barcodes, 2D codes and mobile phone codes.

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  • The All New Linx 10 Tablet!

    Enjoy a true Windows® experience with the thin and powerful Linx 10 tablet that combines Quad-Core performance with precise control over your content to bring videos, photos and games to life on the stunning 10.1" display. view more»

  • Handhelds Algiz 10X Receives An Upgrade!

    Handheld have updated their Algiz 10X, the ultra-rugged 10.1-inch tablet now runs faster, more powerful and more versatile. The new and improved Algiz 10X now features an Intel quad-core processor that significantly increases processing performance. It also runs the latest Windows OS, Windows 8.1 Industry Pro, and supports LTE for faster data transfer and better network coverage.

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  • Saveo Scan!

    Transform your mobile device into a scanner. Saveo Scan enables you to convert your smartphone or tablet into a high-performance cordless handheld barcode scanner. view more»

  • Opticon H-27 Coming Soon

    The Opticon H-27 combines the features of a PDA with the appearance of a smartphone. Features include Android 4.2, 1D or 2D barcode reader and a 4.3" anti-reflective coating with Gorilla Glass

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  • Datalogic Memor X3 launched

    Datalogic have launched the Memor X3, the next generation of the successful Memor range.

    The Memor X3 features improvements in speed, battery life and wireless connectivity over its predecessor.

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  • Retail Business Technology Expo

    Global Auto ID are exhibiting at the Retail Business Technology Expo on 11th and 12th March.

    We are partnering with Impinj, TSL and Unitech to showcase the latest RFID technology for modern business applications.

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  • KAZAM Android smartphones

    KAZAM have launched a range of Android smartphones, all with dual SIM, front and rear facing cameras and many other features.

    All phones include KAZAM Rescue remote assistance and many include a free replacement screen if the original screen is cracked

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