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This Qualcomm Octa-Core powered and Android™ 8.0 Oreo™ ultra-mobile device will be available in two enterprise-ready configurations when it starts shipping in June 2018 – with and without a built-in barcode scanner

"Workforce mobility demands are evolving, and customers have been asking Xplore for a high-quality, high-performance rugged Android handheld device to complement their existing tablet-based mobile solutions. They recognise the caliber of Xplore’s rugged mobile technologies and appreciate our specialised Android experience in enterprise environments", explained John Graff, chief revenue officer, Xplore. “We are very excited about our first entry in the rugged handheld space. The initial customer response has been very positive, and we are already working on further additions to our handheld offering.”

At only 0.81 lb (369g), the M60 is an ideal option for workers who require real-time access to specialised enterprise applications and data, but demand fewer computing capabilities than what are delivered in Xplore’s larger tablet and 2-in-1 computers. The M60 is extremely easy to grip for long periods of time, and a wide array of accessories makes it easy to store, transport, and charge. Notable features of the IP68 handheld include a 6” FHD 550 nit View Anywher display, one of the biggest and brightest Glove/Wet touch screens you can find on a pocket-sized mobile device, and a 22-hour, user-replaceable battery*. The M60 is also MIL-STD-810G-certified to operate after 5ft (1.5m) drops and within a -20 to 60C temperature range.

With the Xplore M60, workers will find it easy to retrieve work orders, complete checklists and view equipment manuals all day long without interruption, even when working under direct sunlight, in cold storage or other extreme conditions, with a battery that can last multiple shifts. Manufacturing and transportation material handlers will also maintain more control over the flow of goods to and from production, storage and distribution areas with the M60 in hand or in their lift truck. The handheld’s built-in NFC and optional one-touch barcode scanning technology improves the speed and accuracy of picking, packing and loading actions within rail intermodals and shipyards, cargo holds and other facilities where fast quality and quantity validations are required.

The M60’s many built-in connectivity tools will also benefit utility, energy and field service organisations that need a better way to automate data entry and retrieval across inspection, maintenance, delivery and installation workflows. The MDM/EMM-certified rugged handheld utilises a number of built-in wireless technologies to expedite data and voice communications between the field and office, including those required to remotely manage, upgrade and lock down devices. The Android for Work whole-device encryption and whitelist capabilities maximise security.

“As customers are noting in early reviews, the M60 enables them to technologically mobilise their most physically mobile workers in a very simple, secure, reliable and cost-efficient manner,” Graff continued.


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