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QUICK QUESTIONS WITH 'BEN WOODWARD', Global Channel Manager, SmartFreight

Can you please share a little about yourself with our visitors?

Shipping is a crucial link in the supply chain and is often the difference between a quality customer experience and a sub-par one. If you’re in the business of designing, producing, or selling, once a shipment leaves your warehouse, store or supplier, it’s out of your hands.

Not anymore.

SmartFreight is a multi-carrier shipping system which allows users to choose between the best carriers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, and the UK so that they can provide their customers with the best experience. Since 1997, we’ve focused on creating software that encourages versatility, transparency, accountability and efficiency. Our solution is about empowering our client to choose dependable and affordable shipping solutions for their needs.

And we think this is working. Our 16,000 + users of SmartFreight ship over 75 million items per annum, work with over 6,500 transport providers, ship into 195 countries around the world, and move cargo valued at over 450 million pounds per year.

We’re proud of how we’ve been able to provide shipping solutions for clients of all sizes and it’s a process we want to grow further into the UK in 2018.

Can you please tell us why you chose to exhibit at IntraLogisteX 2018?

We were impressed with the spread of companies that visit IntraLogisteX. It’s large enough to get all your supply chain and distribution questions answered, without getting overwhelmed with a labyrinth of stands you don’t know where to start.

What will you be sharing with visitors to the exhibition?

We have a brand new version of SmartFreight® that will be demonstrated for the first time. The solution is now on premise or off premise, works in both private and public cloud environments and scales from a start-up eCommerce business to large multi-national operations with global distribution centres. SmartFreight will run on any device with any operating system.

What would your top tip be for visitors looking to improve efficiency in their warehouse/plant in 2018?

Visibility. If you want to improve your operation efficiency, you need processes and systems that give you greater visibility of where your goods are within the Supply Chain. Specifically you need visibility of the “Final Mile” delivery to enhance your customers experience and give them access to where the shipment is any time of the day. SmartFreight® can host a tracking portal that display’s all of your carriers tracking events and indicates where goods are at any stage of the shipping journey.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the industry at the moment?

Customer Expectations around deliveries are becoming more demanding, I blame the millennials and their “need it right now” desires! But seriously customers want a swift purchase process coupled with a seamless delivery of their goods when it’s convenient to them. As transport companies look to provided delivery choices to match these expectations, we will see new nimble carriers gain market share and tractional providers will need to keep pace in this every changing environment.


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