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The Perfect Companion for an Unconnected Workforce

For associates without mobile voice and data, the simple act of locating a supervisor to answer a question or looking up item availability can take minutes. Service quality is reduced and retail business could lose sales when impatient customers walk away. Introducing the EC30, the right-priced mobile device from Zebra with the right mobile connections for today's unconnected associates.

The EC30 is specially designed for portability: it's small, lightweight and durable. Over 18 Zebra-only innovative Mobility DNA tools take ease of use, integration, deployment and everyday management to a new level, providing unmatched functionality and value. The EC30 delivers comprehensive voice capabilities. It's a walkie-talkie, and a cordless PBX handset (optional). Data capabilities include secure messaging and 1D/2D barcode scanning. Also, users can modify current line-of business applications to extend features suitable for display on the 3-inch screen to improve task and inventory management. The result is a fully connected and highly productive workforce with maximum store operational efficiency, superior customer service—and more sales.


Advanced easy-to-use display:

The 3-inch color display provides just-right screen real estate to display the information associates need to perform core everyday tasks faster and more efficiently. With the EC30's capacitive touch technology, workers can interact with applications using a finger—even with light gloves.

No-cost instant push-to-talk (PTT):

Get PTT services right out of the box with Mobility DNA's PTT Express. With the press of a button, associates can instantly reach team members to answer customer questions, notify stockroom workers to bring an item to the sales floor or contact a manager for assistance. Since PTT Express is pre-installed and pre-licensed on every EC30, stores can enable instant PTT communications with any other worker or manager carrying any PTT Express-enabled Zebra mobile device inside a facility.

Fully-featured cordless desk phone functionality:

Enable workers anywhere in the store to answer incoming PBX calls right on the EC30 with Mobility DNA's optional Workforce Connect Voice. Also, since Workforce Connect Voice uses a Bluetooth or corded headset, callers are assured of privacy.

Fast and dependable barcode scanning:

Unlike competitive devices that are voice-only, the EC30 offers an integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner so workers can scan barcodes to perform core tasks faster and more efficiently, from price checks to item lookup, time and attendance tracking and more.

The power of a single platform for an entire retail operation:

The EC30 joins Zebra's ultimate Android mobile device family, which includes Android mobile handheld, vehicle mount and tablet computers that all share the same Zebra Android platform. IT support time and costs are reduced. With a common OS, processor, WiFi and Bluetooth radios and more, there's just one platform for IT to understand and manage. Also, with the ultra-powerful SD660 processor and advanced memory architecture, retail businesses get the same superior performance on all their voice and data applications on every device.

Supports existing line-of-business applications:

Modify existing line-of-business applications to extend features suitable for display on the 3-inch EC30 display to improve worker productivity and store operational efficiency. The time and cost to develop task management, product lookup and other applications for the EC30 are minimized, while the value of current line-of-business applications is maximized.


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