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Internal Package Tracking - Package Track

Package-Track is an Internal Package Tracking application which includes advanced features such as signature capture, package information lookup for both shipping and receiving. Can either be deployed to a PDA as it is, or it can be customised to fir your exact needs.

Within your facility you can track the delivery of packages, parcels, mail, luggage and valuable documents, and electronically capture a proof of delivery signature. Large mailrooms and shipping/receiving docks use our package tracking systems to increase accuracy and reliability.

Whilst other brands continue to drive down the cost of express shipping, it has become increasingly important for companies to continue the efficiency in the "last mile," and make sure that a package delivered to a company overnight reaches the recipient on time.

Improve Efficiency with a Package Tracking Solution

Internal Package Tracking

The Internal Package Tracking mobile application lets you integrate this with mobile scanner hardware. It provides benefits such as:

  • Faster package processing while minimising errors.
  • Electronic signature for proof of delivery.
  • Immediate delivery updates.
  • Create task lists for which packages need to be picked up and delivered, where they are, where they are going to and how many.
  • Enter descriptive information about the package or change routing information.

If you want to find out more about Package Track - Internal Package Tracking application then get in touch for a free no obligation quotation.

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