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Registration and Access Control Solution

Whether coming in by Helicopter or Bus the 5 star treatment is second to none. Visitors such as the Dali Lama and Wayne Rooney have been on the WINDING LAKES site so a high level of security is vital.

To ensure only authorised staff and guests are on site, every individual is provided with an RFID Wristband which is scanned on arrival and departure. All staff and guests are scanned as they move off and on site to head for the Pyramid Stage or to get more provisions. Security can check to see whether an individual or group is on or off site. A real-time tally is regularly reviewed by Council authorities and Police to ensure there is no over capacity.

The RFID Wristbands used are unique in that they are processed through an RFID desktop printer. They have full colour art and design with a section for over-printing personalised information. They have an embedded RFID chip which is associated with each individuals personal records. This provides a far greater level of flexibility and security than other types of RFID wristbands.

The site owners rely on the system to plan, based on trends and data analysis from previous years in terms of staff numbers and deployment and for catering outlets being able to plan accurately when the busy times are likely to be.

The Guests can rest assured that the site is secure, any children that wander off will be quickly identified and repatriated and possessions and valuables safe. The site owner can demonstrate at any time to the authorities how many people are on site to ensure compliance with stringent regulations.

Here is a SHORT VIDEO to demonstrate our solution.