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GeoPal - Medical Equipment Company

Geopal mobile workforce management

A home medical equipment company eliminate field paperwork, capture real time field information and enable real time reporting on KPIs against SLAs using GeoPal


One of the largest providers of home medical equipment offers a variety of services to their patient base throughout Ireland. Their field service personal visit and manage existing patient’s home medical equipment. Their sales personal also visit regularly prospective patients to gather information on their medical needs and reinforce the benefits of using their service.

Before GeoPal

The company faced a number of challenges including the need for their field sales and field service personal to access real time information on their patient base especially with respect to: real time updates on medical conditions; scheduling and re- scheduling patient visits and gathering real time information on home equipment (for example online checking of equipment warranties and stock spare parts)

GeoPal - The Solution

The GeoPal offering provided the answers to all of the challenges at once

Digital Form Data Capture - The field workforce is now able to collect all order, action and work requests on the mobile device using the GeoPal app. All captured data including signatures, pictures and barcodes is sent back to the office in real time.

Greater efficiency - GeoPal has completely eliminated field paperwork leaving staff to concentrate on taking care of patients and driving the business forward. Administration costs are down by over 50%

Dispatch efficiency - Sales and service calls are routed through the portal to guide staff through their day with assigned visit schedules. This has increased productivity by 20% and reduced vehicle usage by 10%.

CRM - The GeoPal CRM solution allows the company to centrally manage and view their patients and prospective leads in one place. All users have the ability to update information and this synchronizes in real time to all users.

GeoPal - The Future

The change led by the introduction of the GeoPal solution has been dramatic. They are doing much more work with the same people and are able to offer far greater service to their patients and concentrate on growing their business and expanding in to new areas.

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