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Geopal is an easy to use web and mobile application for locating, scheduling and communicating with your mobile workers


With Geopal, you can despatch the closest worker to the job saving time and money. Location tracking means there are less errant journeys. These reduce vehicle usage by 10%.


Geopal makes it easy to create and schedule jobs for your workers.

To create a job template, you can specify the steps to be followed to complete the job. Assigning a job is as simple as dragging a job to the worker on the web application. Once you are happy with the schedule, you can send all of the job details to the workers phones by clicking on one button.

As each step is completed, the worker confirms the step with a press of a button on the phone. The job progress can be monitored back at the office using the web application.


With the GeoPal mobile app, job reports can be written immediately on job completion. Photos, customer signatures and bar codes can be captured electronically and uploaded to the GeoPal web application.

The mobile app can access the CRM allowing your mobile workers to access address and contact details as well as all previous jobs. Agreements can be viewed so that the worker knows what services customers are contracted to receive.

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