With an increasing preference to paperless ticketing Global Barcode & Wrist Marketing has recently launched a Paperless Ticket to complement the extensive range of RFID Wristbands and associated services on offer. With our Technology Partners in Denver, CO at Brolly Live ticket holders can now purchase their tickets and receive a 2D Code on their phones and PCs. With a print at home ticket or with a 2D code on a smart phone, visitors simply scan the 2D Code at the entrance of the event.

This scan activates an RFID Desktop Printer which encodes and prints out a personalised RFID Wristband. This can be performed at manned and un-manned stations.

The Wristbands have adhesive fasteners, are comfortable and durable. With each individuals records held on a central database permissions and benefits can be added or amended at any time without changing or accessing the RFID Wristband or Card.

This system also helps prevent touting, counterfeiting, pass-backs, queuing and much more. Generally a more rewarding experience for the visitor and embracing the trends outlined in a recent survey conducted across a sample size of 1,000 UK consumers who have bought tickets online in recent months:-

  • Online ticketing is the preferred choice for event goers, (83 per cent)
  • 70 per cent of respondents prefer to buy tickets direct from the promoter or venue, leaving traditional ticket agencies well behind in the popularity stakes
  • 35 per cent of those who buy online said they would prefer to buy tickets direct from the event organiser
  • 35 per cent said direct from the venue because they trust these more
  • Growth in social commerce is highlighted by the fact that 62 per cent of the coveted Millennial Generation are keen to buy tickets through social media
  • Results are backed up by ticketscript’s sales data which shows that ticket sales through social channels have grown 520 per cent in two years

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