Improve visibility of mission critical equipment with the implementation of RFID Asset Management

  • Do you know, with 100% accuracy, what assets you have right now?
  • Is there something mission critical which you do not have?
  • Are all of your assets in working order with test certificates?
  • Do you need live visibility of high value assets?

RFID Asset Management is essential to any organisation managing mission critical, life cycle tested and high value assets

The Solution:

RFID Asset Management is a Low Cost Solution to measure the life cycle and locate any asset

  • Each asset has its own unique identifying RFID chip that can be encoded with information about the item
  • RFID antenna are located around factories and installed in vehicles as required
  • Handheld RFID readers and mobile devices are used for rapid sweep asset & inventory counts
  • System resilience and future proofing assured by Rain RFID Alliance compliance products

Here is an example of how our Asset Tracking can help your busines: