Wrist Marketing and Global Barcode provided an Access Control and Cashless Solution for the post show party put on by the organisers of MUG (Marketing Users Group). www.mugevent.com. Delegates were issued their personalised RFID Wrist band at the MUG Event or collected it at the Union Station Party. The RFID Wristband provided Access Control and Cashless for the Guests

Access Control and Cashless

The RFID Wristbands, developed by Wrist Marketing and Global Barcode, are a unique product in that they are processed and personalised through a custom RFID Desktop Printer. Full colour RFID Wristband stock is overprinted and personalised to each Guest with Credit amounts and Access permissions allocated when issued.

The RFID Wristbands where scanned at the perimeter of the event using NFC Smart phones. These Smart phones are low-cost (Approximately £100) and ruggedized and simple to use. The phone is offered to the RFID Wristband and a Green Light approves access, amber to check the RFID Wristband and red to show that the RFID Wristband is not on the database.

The next RFID Wristband is then scanned – the software automatically resets the device for the next scan. Bar staff were issued with NFC 7” Tablets which they used to scan the Guest’s RFID Wristband. With a wireless network established all transaction scans were recorded and logged on the central database with each order printed out for the bar staff as a visual reference.

The Process

For Guests that had their RFID Wristbands issued previously they arrived at the party and self-scanned their RFID Wristband on a static scanner and proceeded at a green light. Alternatively, the Guests where personally greeted with their RFID Wristbands scanned using a Smartphone which also activated the “traffic light” access control system.

Guests without RFID Wristbands but had registered could either present a 2D code on their smart phone to a scanner which would activate the RFID Printer for a personalised RFID Wristband, or they could give their name to staff at reception who would check their name on the database and issue an RFID Wristband. Finally, tabletGuests not on the database were added to the database and a personalised RFID Wristband issued.

Guests were then free to go to the bar for a drink where staff would operate the menu on the touch screen to select the required drink. Bar staff then scanned the Guest’s RFID Wristband and the transaction recorded on the database with a copy automatically printed out from a small desk-top printer. Guests could check their Credit status using the NFC Smart Phone with top up and refunds available at reception.

The Result

On arrival Guests where either quickly scanned in or they checked at reception for their RFID Wristband. At the bar staff served the Guests using the NFC Tablets. Bar Staff had been trained to use the scanners before the event. The training session took two minutes with no problems encountered throughout the evening. Each F&B item was also recorded by Bar Staff independently using pen and pad to cross check sales at the end of the event.

At the end of the event both tallies where reconciled with the tally kept by bar staff 15% less than the transactions recorded by the Cashless Solution. With at least two events taking place at Union Station each week it is easy to estimate how much more revenue from sales of drinks can be expected.

The information captured at Access Control:

  • Name of Guest
  • Time Scanned In
  • Time Scanned Out
  • Device Used

The information captured at each Cashless Transaction:

  • Time of Order
  • Name of Guest
  • Event Location
  • Product
  • Quantity
  • Value
  • Bar Staff Reference
  • Bar Location
  • Device Used


The Access Control and Cashless solution was set up at Union Station within and hour and broken down in less than half and hour providing a highly flexible and scalable solution, especially important where access to an event is restricted as it was at Union Station – not forgetting that it is a working railway station with multiple retail outlets in constant operation. The Event Managers were impressed by the system and very satisfied to receive a detailed report of all Cashless transactions by email, ten minutes after the event closed.

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