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RFID Wristbands now support the trend towards Paperless Tickets

Friday, 9 December 2016 09:49:26 Europe/London

RFID Wristbands now support the trend towards Paperless Tickets. Our RFID Solutions offer great benefits and features for all ticketed and even cashless events.Read More
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Union Station in Denver, so called as this is where the transcontinental railways finally met, has recently received a complete make-over. Now, as well as the main transit centre it is now a social gathering place with bars, food outlets, coffee shops, a hotel and much more. In the centre of the Main Hall there is an area is dedicated to private events which take place at least twice a week. Whilst events take place the bars and shops remain open for business for locals and visitors to enjoy.Read More
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RFID Asset Management

Tuesday, 18 October 2016 11:20:50 Europe/London

Our RFID Asset Management Solution enables an organisation to locate all of their assets and provides the ability to prove maintenance over the entire lifetime of an asset. There will no longer be the possibility of faulty, lost or damaged equipment causing your company loss.Read More
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London Ambulance stock control solution

Monday, 21 December 2015 14:08:17 Europe/London

Global Auto ID have created a bespoke stock control solution for London Ambulance Service. Using a stock control system at the central stores and at each radial location and inventory control on each of the distribution network vehicles, it helps to ensure timely replenishment of essential life saving supplies that are carried in each ambulance.

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